A Pretty Gourd Harvest


This complex arrangement of veggies is built around what's known in carving circles as a "caricature," that is, a humourous depiction of a figure, usually human. Such carvings are often highly formulaic, with huge hands, poor posture, pot bellies -- you've seen them -- and of course each is declared "unique," meaning this guy's beard is longer than that one, or this coat is red and that's green. With my experience in cartooning to draw on, however, I have no trouble creating pieces that are indeed truely unique, and "A Pretty Gourd Harvest" is my most recent example.

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Carvings by Ted Boothroyd

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Because every piece differs from the others in size and weight, shipping and insurance costs can be calculated only after a container is chosen and the destination is known. Shipping will be by Canada Post unless otherwise requested.

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