Cutie petutie Brontovases are perfect little ceramic dry vases to display a sculptural sprig of nature. All are handbuilt stoneware that emerge from the volcano in the spring and fall to start their annual migration to a desk or shelf near you. Approx 3 inches in diameter and about an inch in depth. All are unique in pattern and shaping.

About the seller

oddmentartist Kevin Maclean

Contact Seller Based in Halifax, I create sculptural works using oceanwood, wire, clock mechanisms, industrial surplus, and found objects that are humorous interpretations of WW2 warships. Humour figures prominently in my work as a smile is as good as a sale for me. I have worked with reclaimed materials since 1998 but lately have begun experimenting with paper arts, ceramics, and watercolor. Follow me on instagram for more @oddmentartist

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